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A New Approach - Operational Performance Monitoring

Safeguarding Business Performance in a New Era of IT Automation.. more

The New Challenges of Monitoring High-Performance Trading Environments

18 March 2013

To meet the speed and transparency demands of today’s trading environment, monitoring systems need to provide an accurate and complete source of data and analytics, created independently of the trading systems they monitor... more

Latency Management for Co-Location Trading

25 January 2012

In this Corvil Insight we look at how to instrument the co-location environment for high-precision latency management. .. more

Market Data Microbursts

28 September 2010

In this Corvil Insight we discuss the prevalence of microbursts - short bursts of high activity - in market data feeds and using the real-world examples of the ArcaBook and OpenBook market data feeds we determine how network and computing systems should be engineered to handle microbursts... more

Clock Synchronization

27 September 2010

There are many approaches to managing the performance of high-end applications but the foundation they all must be built on is precision timing: without knowing exactly when specific events occur, you can't begin to measure, analyse and manage latency. The timestamping mechanism used determines how precisely events can be timed - however it is as important, if not more, to understand the quality of the clock being used. .. more