White Papers

Achieving Visibility in Electronic FX Trading

In this White Paper we will discuss some of the visibility challenges being encountered as FX moves to an e-trading format, and how those challenges can be mitigated by tuning into the data streaming across the FX network to provide a real-time authoritative record of all FX market data and trading activity... Download

Enterprise Management Associate's "Monitoring IT for Real-time Operational Performance"

Expectations have never been higher for enterprise IT to empower businesses to grow, doing more business, faster and more efficiently. IT infrastructure and applications are constantly evolving to meet this need, and IT Operations must follow suit as well, by shifting from a best-efforts near-real-time strategy towards true real-time, and focusing on performance more than availability. .. Download

Operational Performance Monitoring

This white paper examines how high performance businesses relying on increased automation can benefit by monitoring IT infrastructure in the context of business operations. Operational Performance Monitoring serves this need by integrating the benefits of advanced network and application performance monitoring, with access to high-level business data and visibility... Download

CorvilNet Fusion Architecture

This white paper provides an overview of the CorvilNet Fusion product architecture. Firstly describing the distribution and scale challenges of monitoring modern day business operations. The paper then goes on to outline how the vertically integrated approach to monitoring of the Fusion architecture can help to meet these challenges.. Download

Operational Performance Monitoring for Electronic Trading

Trading firms use IT to automate operations at every stage of the trading process making operations faster and more efficient but this increases dependency on the reliability of IT systems. This white paper examines how trading firms can safeguard financial trading systems with Operational Performance Monitoring (OPM) an approach that combines business-level data with advanced IT infrastructure monitoring.. Download

CorvilNet Arista DANZ Integration

Clients use CorvilNet for precision monitoring, troubleshooting and reporting of their application and network performance. CorvilNet provides unprecedented visibility into short timescale events that contribute to the underlying cause of many end user experience issues.. Download

Strengthening Barriers against Trading Technology Risk

In technology intensive trading environments there is no ‘silver bullet’ that can eliminate the risk of faults and accidents. Operators instead rely on multiple, individually imperfect, layers of protection to reduce the chance of technology failures. In this whitepaper we explain the barrier or “Swiss Cheese” model of accident causation, the implications of the model, and how trading firms can use independent system monitoring to create an effective additional barrier against technology risk... Download

Nanosecond Latency Management

Corvil announced its move to nanosecond-granularity latency measurements with a press release issued jointly with Nomura. This move is not just a technological advance for the sake of the technology - the CorvilNet product has always used hardware-generated nanosecond timescale timestamps as its foundation. Nor is this move to nanosecond latency measurements just a headline-grabbing ploy - it has been driven by the concrete needs of our customers... Download

Latency Management For Co-Location Trading

Co-location and proximity services allow market participants to significantly reduce the impact of latency on trading, typically taking market access times down into microsecond and soon to be nanosecond ranges. But co-location does not eliminate latency from other sources, including processing times within the exchange and reaction times within the participant’s own installed systems. Network latency also remains a critical factor... Download

Clock Synchronization

There are many approaches to, and techniques for, managing the performance of high-end applications, but the foundation they all must be built on is precise instrumentation. If you don’t know how your application is actually performing, then you can’t ensure it meets your needs; if you don’t know what the infrastructure it runs on is delivering, then you can’t ensure that it is properly resourced and provisioned to support the application. .. Download

Managing Performance in Financial Trading Networks

Performance targets in financial trading networks are more stringent than in any other type of network deployed today. Message latency and data loss result in missed trading opportunities and have a direct impact on revenue. The standard of performance needed for success is determined by competition from other trading organizations, and this has led to an ‘arms race’ in which latency targets have steadily shrunk from tens of milliseconds to milliseconds, and even to microseconds... Download