Press Releases

Latest Press Releases:

Corvil names Van Diamandakis Chief Marketing Officer

11 March 2014

Silicon Valley veteran tapped to expand company footprint in key verticals.. more

Corvil Unveils Industry Alliance to Drive Innovation in Real-Time Analytics

6 March 2014

World's leading networking companies join the alliance and demonstrate integration with Corvil.. more

Tokyo Stock Exchange to offer CorvilClear Latency Performance Management to Trading Network Users

25 February 2014

Tokyo Stock Exchange will begin offering CorvilClear latency performance management as-a-service to users of its arrownet network. .. more

Zürcher Kantonalbank Use Corvil to Enhance Trading Performance

14 January 2014

Corvil’s OPM system to monitor the performance of its Market Making and FX business, including market data quality, transaction analysis and FX order flow... more

New Monitoring Solutions for Unified Communication, Database Systems, and Web Delivered Applications

4 November 2013

New release introduces Business Value Dashboard (BVD) approach to mission critical monitoring of enterprise applications and services on a global scale.. more