Comprehensive application visibility decoder library with over 300 enterprise, trading, market data, and middleware protocols. The CorvilNet Decoder Library is available in Trading, Market Data and Enterprise packs.

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Decode Application Behavior and Performance

CorvilNet’s Decoder Libraries give you real-time visibility into application behaviour and performance based on zero-intrusion wire-level monitoring. The decoders identify and track messages, transactions and performance in real-time across a broad range of market data, trading and middleware and enterprise data protocols.

Complete the Picture

  • Monitor performance of critical applications, including response times and multi-tier processing

  • End-to-end visibility and hop-by-hop breakdowns through key processing stages

  • Track application level behavior such as message-rate microbursts and client order histories – all alongside CorvilNet’s comprehensive network-level performance metrics

Broad and Evolving Support for Protocols

Library coverage includes market data and trading formats for most major markets, key enterprise applications, and several middleware buses. The library is fully maintained with monthly updates of new and existing decoders that are ready-to-install on any CorvilNet platform.