Latency Management Center

The Latency Management Center is a fully integrated management, administration and configuration station. It allows at-a-glance monitoring, centralized-troubleshooting, and configuration for your entire CorvilNet deployment

Centralized Visibility and Control

The Latency Management Center (LMC) lets you easily control large CorvilNet deployments to gain visibility across multiple sites and geographical regions. It provides a single viewpoint to monitor performance for every part of your infrastructure, and a single point of access to manage and administer all of your CorvilNet appliances. Automated workflows help you to easily manage administrative tasks such as software upgrades.

Distributed Architecture Designed For Scale

Each appliance-based LMC remotely manages up to 600 CorvilNet appliances using lightweight protocols across standard WAN connectivity. The LMC gives you 100% visibility into what every Corvil appliance sees – while the large datasets that power CorvilNet’s analytics remain at the point of capture (unless specifically downloaded).

Monitoring and Troubleshooting 

You can use the LMC to access side-by-side monitoring results from all of your Corvil appliances, on a single console, and you can also use it to access detailed data from any individual point of instrumentation. GUI driven event drilldown is provided for root cause analysis, at nanosecond timescales, with full packet capture and application decodes.   

Latency Management CenterLatency Management CenterLatency Management Center

Latency Management Center

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The Latency Management Center Offers

  • Unified Performance Views

  • Distributed Packet Capture Analysis

  • Simplified Configuration

  • Central Reporting

  • Central Maintenance

  • Active/Passive Management Modes