The Software Development Kit is available to extend the "out of box" offering.  Use it to decode proprietary applications and protocols and to define and implement your own real-time business metrics

Custom Applications and Analytics

Using our SDK you can extend CorvilNet to support your own custom applications and analytics. Your software becomes a fully-integrated part of CorvilNet’s high-performance real-time processing environment.

  • Use CorvilNet’s powerful Fusion Architecture to monitor your own proprietary data formats

  • Produce complex analytics to appear as-native alongside CorvilNet’s built-in performance metrics

Fully-Featured Software Development Environment

The SDK includes everything you need from tutorials and examples to get you started, to test and deployment tools to verify and install finished software on your CorvilNet system. You can also use it to modify and enhance decoder software from Corvil to suit your specific needs.

External Software Integration

CorvilNet includes network APIs that you can use to retrieve data from our running platform and use it in your own applications. Our APIs provide access to historical or live performance data, as well as captured packet and message-level metrics and contents.