Electronic Trading

Your needs have evolved and so has our monitoring system. Operational Performance Monitoring means understanding everything about your trading transactions, your infrastructure, and your market data. Otherwise, the risks are simply too high

Safeguarding The Operational Performance Of Electronic Trading

Corvil provides the leading real-time Operational Performance Monitoring Platform (OPM) for Electronic Trading. Corvil has worked closely with the electronic trading community over the past several years to develop a next generation monitoring platform that can handle the challenging demands of high performance, low-latency, data intensive IT environments found in electronic trading. Our CorvilNet platform is used by the largest exchanges, banks, service providers and market makers to assure the performance of their IT systems and to safeguard the orderly operations of their business. 

Key Benefits 

  • Delivers real-time intelligence needed to optimize trade execution performance
  • Increases client confidence that trades will execute with higher predictability
  • Improves customer retention with pro-active alerting and reduced time to fix problems
  • Improves customer trust with increased service transparency
  • Allows independent validation of third party service levels and accountability
  • Reduces business risk exposure from technology failure and/or anomalous trading events
  • Provides trusted proof of compliance for new and emerging regulations

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