Seven of the top ten global exchanges across all asset classes use CorvilNet to track client transactions and to manage their market data distribution

Assuring Transparent and Efficient Order Processing

CorvilNet monitors the speed and reliability of exchange order-processing systems, producing detailed and precise reports on activity patterns and trade performance. We measure client orders in real-time wire-to-wire across the exchange, as well as hop-by-hop across internal components such as gateways and matching engine systems. CorvilNet’s application-layer intelligence tracks complex exchange transactions, and monitors trading activity broken down by member firm, by order type or by trading symbol – all without any server instrumentation.

Find and Eliminate Performance Issues

CorvilNet captures a complete record of order-flow activity, providing the data you need to quickly resolve any performance issues. We capture network and application layer content along with detailed performance metrics. The data is searchable by order ID, by member firm, or by any other application message field. Our order lifecycle analysis gives you a complete history of transactions (with latencies) for any order. And we provide network-layer filtering and analysis to help you deal with client connection speed or health issues.

Fast Market Data Dissemination

Achieving low latency market data dissemination is challenging due to ever-growing data volumes and the bursty nature of the traffic at short timescales. CorvilNet provides a range of microburst analytics that help you and your clients understand short-timescale feed activity, and ensure that networks and processing systems are sized accordingly. Naturally we also track latency and integrity for market data feeds, across networks (small or large) and through complex application-level transformations.





“A key element of our business is to provide low-latency trading and data services to our customers: CorvilNet’s real-time monitoring capability and in-depth analytical tools enable us to optimize the performance of these core services.”

Kevin Kometer, CIO
CME Group