Market Data

Data rates are doubling each year and budgets are flat. While the business demands greater flexibility and accuracy only one solution scales for real-time market data quality

Congestion-Free Market Data Dissemination

CorvilNet provides real-time speed and quality operational performance monitoring for market data systems ranging from single-point feed-handlers to large scale global distribution networks. We understand market data at both the network and application layers – allowing users to accurately track data across long distance networks or through complex application processing steps.  Our decoders and analytics cover both exchange native feeds and popular middleware formats, providing hop-by-hop detection of latency, quality and connectivity issues anywhere from network ingress to client delivery.

Monitoring Feed Latency and Quality

How fast and how complete are the market data feeds that you use? CorvilNet provides answers by comparing the relative latency of data arriving in different feeds, either at the same or at remote locations. We also track the integrity of feed data so that you can quickly identify gaps in the feed and where they are introduced.

Keeping Up With Growing Data Volumes

Growing market data volumes mean that feed users face regular upgrades to keep their traffic flowing smoothly. Critically, it is the short timescale bursts of activity within market data feeds that determine the capacity needed to avoid congestion. CorvilNet provides a range of microburst analytics that help users understand short timescale feed behavior and ensure that both network and application processing capacity are sized appropriately.




“The latency arms race isn’t just about absolute performance;it is also about consistency and transparency. That means deploying the right tools to monitor and manage Elektron Hosting so that we ensure our performance remains the best, even at market peaks, and give our customers confidence through transparent performance metrics. With Corvil, we can offer clients insight and greater visibility into their end-to-end trading infrastructure, enabling them to identify and resolve problems quickly”

Mike Powell, Global Head of Enterprise Real-Time Solutions
Thomson Reuters