Market Makers

Market makers use Corvil to gain insight into order-to-market data update, algorithm decision latency, venue and gateway performance

How Fast Do You Trade?

From the time a market data tick enters your infrastructure to the time you send a triggered order-request back out across the network – CorvilNet measures your trading latency wire-to-wire with nanosecond precision. We also monitor orders hop-by-hop across internal processing stages, so you can find and eliminate performance issues quickly.

How Fast Do You Need to Trade?

Maximizing trading performance can prove costly and ineffective if you are not the limiting factor. CorvilNet also monitors external latencies and performance across service provider networks, brokerages and exchanges. We distinguish application versus network performance so that you can determine if your network connections are fast enough. We track the complete lifecycle for every order, generating real-time analytics that give you direct and real-time visibility into your trading performance.

Real-time Market Data Quality

How fast and how complete are the market data feeds that you use? CorvilNet provides answers by comparing the relative latency of data arriving in different feeds at the same or remote locations. We also track the integrity of feed data so that you can quickly identify gaps in the feed and where they are introduced. And we monitor point-to-point latency for market data across networks (large or small) and through complex application processing steps.




“Our focus is to provide our clients with the fastest connectivity and lowest-latency trading infrastructure possible. CorvilNet has been very effective in providing us with real-time latency measurements from our traders through our applications and out to the venues. This in-depth analysis and understanding of latency at a very granular level enables us to quickly take action to optimize the performance of our entire trading services”

Collin Coleman, Chief Operating Officer
The Schneider Group