Application and Database

Understand how the database tier affects application performance with Corvil’s combined view of user experience, application health and database response times

Deep understanding of the database tier is essential for managing overall application performance.

  • Slow application responses times may stem directly from slow database queries and analysis of the database interaction can identify indexing optimizations or suggest application caching strategies.

  • The database perspective can provide valuable insight into how the application processes requests – for example, by providing a timeline of individual queries within a transaction.

Database monitoring is often based on tools provided by the database vendor. These provide a granular record of queries and timing information and are invaluable when tuning the database performance. However, it is typically very difficult to tie this database analysis back to the application level and, ultimately, to specific user requests. Without this context, it is hard to focus the database tuning effort so as to achieve the best user experience.

The CorvilNet approach is based on real-time analysis of wire-data, providing an independent and authoritative record of application and database activity. In fact, CorvilNet produces an integrated view of everything happening on the network: every user transaction, every database query, all other application traffic sharing the infrastructure. Decoding and correlation happens in real-time – the resulting data is used to generate live reporting dashboards and is stored for post-hoc analysis as required.

A single view can report user response times for all application requests, database activity, query response latency, transaction processing metrics and network load. This holistic approach highlights the infrastructure and application problems that are currently impacting the business. Detailed drilldown is available for all of this traffic – allowing post-hoc investigation of slow application responses and tracing these through to specific database queries and transactions.


  • Network-based views and wide-protocol support allowed all application traffic to be monitored
  • Non-intrusive independent monitoring from wire-data does not impact on the performance of IT systems
  • Single platform meeting the specific needs of all teams responsible for delivering application performance
  • Business value dashboards relate business outcomes with performance across IT infrastructure in real-time

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