Data Center

Transform your Data Center operations with CorvilNet's single platform for combined network and application reporting, performance management and troubleshooting

Data Centers are central to application service delivery.  Complexity is growing and data volumes are soaring.  Critical applications have intricate dependencies on both network and application infrastructure.  When users complain of performance problems, finding the root cause can be an expensive and slow process.

CorvilNet is the only all-in-one system that provides precision monitoring and rapid troubleshooting for both the application operations and network management teams. Reporting application and network performance on a single platform enables teams to collaboratively troubleshoot performance issues and proactively report on service quality.

Key Benefits

  • Proactively monitor and demonstrate to business stakeholders that they are achieving the required service levels across the applications, network infrastructure and cloud services

  • Accurately interpret application performance degradation and respond quickly and appropriately 

  • Provide a single source of performance metrics that enables application operation teams and network management teams to report aligned performance metrics and rapidly troubleshoot issues 

CorvilNet provides real-time decoding and performance analysis at the application layer to report end-user experience quality and issues. All application performance issues reported in CorvilNet are presented with the underlying network performance to enable the application and network teams to rapidly resolve issues. The appliance provides full decode of the messages and fields within the application, real-time analysis and full capture to disk for filtering, reporting and troubleshooting.