CorvilNet delivers complete visibility of end-to-end performance across the WAN

The Wide Area Network (WAN) is critical to the successful provision of data center hosted applications to the distributed enterprise.  It connects business groups, enables cloud-based services and delivers mission critical applications.  Network latency and loss leads directly to low quality video and voice conferencing, poor virtual desktop experience, and slow data transfers.

Despite its importance, IT teams often have little direct visibility of the WAN performance, making it hard to engage the Service Provider when the WAN is suspected as the cause of problems.

CorvilNet lets you hold your Service Providers accountable by providing accurate point-to-point latency and loss reporting for 100% of production traffic, immediately highlighting issues.  CorvilNet Enterprise gives a unified view of the network and application layer, allowing the impact of WAN performance on applications to be quantified.  In the presence of WAN acceleration, CorvilNet can report the performance inside and outside the acceleration tunnel, helping to localize problems.

Key Benefits

  • Quantifiable cost benefit analysis - accurate performance baselining and trending allows rightsizing of capacity, targeted upgrades as required and confirmation that providers have provisioned the correct bandwidth

  • Hold service providers to account - authoritative identification of any failure to meet network SLA guarantees

  • Increased efficiency and greater consensus between departments, including the causes of WAN performance issues, with per-department views of application and network performance.

  • Reduced time spent troubleshooting - able to isolate the root-cause of problems to the network or to applications