Web Application Performance

Ensure the highest levels of quality and service delivery for your cloud based applications with Corvil's real-time performance monitoring

Managing performance of globally distributed cloud based applications is crucial to ensure the delivery of a consistent high quality and timely service to your customers and users. These type of application deployments have a number of complexities that need to be considered when choosing a performance management solution: 

Scale – many offerings consist of 1000’s of physical and virtual servers distributed globally 

Multiple tiers – performance must be managed at each tier including global load balancing, front end servers, intra-data center load balancing, application servers, database and storage

Access layer – clients connect in from a variety of devices over a variety of access networks which can combine to impact performance

CorvilNet’s approach to performance monitoring for these environments has a number of key elements: 

  1. Instrument on the wire at the access boundary to each hosting data center. From here, CorvilNet captures all client application traffic and reports the application response time experienced from the client’s perspective. This instrumentation is passive and does not introduce any load on production elements in the data center infrastructure

  2. CorvilNet is a single platform that can be used to instrument each tier within the hosting data center. This enables the user to quickly isolate client performance issues within the front end servers, load balancing infrastructure, application servers, and database or storage tiers.

  3. CorvilNet scales to report performance and utilization for 1000’s of physical servers, virtual servers and URLs. Results for all elements and tiers are summarized on a single pane of glass in the CorvilNet management center. All analysis is reported real-time with performance alerts and application errors highlighted in the dashboard and integrated with other fault management systems. 

  4. CorvilNet reports both the application performance and the network performance. This enables reporting of the network access performance correlated with the application performance which enables users to quickly isolate the root cause of client complaints. 

Key Benefits

  • Satisfied clients with quick resolution to application performance issues in the web portal

  • Pro-active identification of web portal performance issues 

  • Isolation of performance across each tier in the data center to quickly resolve issues

  • Collaboration across multiple teams working from a single product and dataset

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