Service Provider

Validate and demonstrate the quality and latency of your data and connectivity services using the industry standard 

100% Performance Monitoring

CorvilNet verifies service delivery by monitoring latency and loss for 100% of your clients’ application packets and messages. Whether it’s a congested network link that sometimes drops a packet or a video conferencing service with occasional performance issues, CorvilNet makes sure that you will see it – before your clients do. Why use pings or sampled measurements – when you can precisely monitor end-to-end performance for all of your clients’ live data?

Supporting High-Performance Client Data Flows

CorvilNet keeps detailed historical records of everything it measures, providing you with the data you need to respond to any performance issue.

  • Latency and loss records covering 100% of client data across your systems.

  • Detailed quality analytics for TCP, UDP and multicast data flows.

  • Event-triggered or continuous packet capture: record everything during exceptional performance conditions – or all the time.

  • Client reporting of application performance for mission critical business applications

Congestion-Free Service Delivery

Applications are prone to short-lived surges in activity that can occur at any time and cause network congestion and poor application performance. CorvilNet performs detailed workload analysis across multiple timescales to ensure you can size networks and application systems accordingly. We provide microburst analytics for sub-second timescales at both the network and application layers, along with sophisticated bandwidth sizing metrics that scan activity over periods up to one year to determine the capacity needed to prevent congestion.



“Savvis is focused on delivering high performance hosting and network connectivity solutions to the world’s leading participants in financial markets. These customers rely on us to provide quality and low-latency transport of critical market data and the enhanced capability in this area provides tremendous value to our fast-growing base of latency sensitive clients”

Varghese Thomas, Global Head of Financial Services