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Optimal execution in equity markets demands advanced, real-time venue analysis

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We Are Corvil

We are scientists, engineers, mathematicians and artists— bound by a common curiosity to approach the complexities of the world in meaningful ways. We see a future where all businesses

will trust connected digital machines to interact algorithmically and transact business on their behalf.

We call this business in a machine world.

We build products that watch over and analyze these machines to make sense of their actions and safeguard the transparency, performance, and security of business in a machine world.

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We Analyze the Action of Machines

Today’s digital machines communicate, make decisions and take action in timescales far shorter than a blink of the eye. Corvil makes sense of this by tapping directly into what the machines are saying to each other over the network.

We capture, we decode, we analyze and we learn from network data, transforming it into streaming machine-time intelligence for business, security and IT teams to operate efficiently and securely.

We define machine-time as the time it takes a machine to act or respond. Our unique machine-time analytics approach allows business to operate with full transparency, assured performance, and continuous cyber surveillance in a machine world.

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The Streaming Analytics Platform to Safeguard Business in a Machine World

  • Monitor client experience
  • Assure infrastructure performance
  • Detect and analyze security threats
  • Stream intelligence to the business

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