Corvil Announces Corvil Add-on for Splunk for Comprehensive Real-Time Business Analytics

DUBLIN, IRELAND - June 05, 2015 - Corvil, the network data analytics company for business in the Now™, today announced the Corvil Add-on for Splunk that streams network data analytics to Splunk® Enterprise. The Corvil Add-on for Splunk allows customers to route valuable network data analytics into Splunk, making it available for real-time analysis and data mining over longer timescales. Download the Corvil Add-on for Splunk now.

With the Corvil Add-on for Splunk software, customers will gain deeper insight into their network data. By combining the richest source of business and application insights from the network, together with machine data harvested from the application servers, Corvil customers can see the full picture of end-to-end transactional performance. Corvil customers can track true user experience with Splunk Enterprise and correlate with network and application server events.

“The Corvil Add-on for Splunk is particularly exciting as it empowers forward-thinking organizations to harvest network data in true real-time and stream to Splunk software for analysis alongside their machine log data,” said Nik Rouda, Senior Analyst at The Enterprise Strategy Group. “Because the Corvil data contains normalized transactional content, augmented with analytics and accurate timestamps, it allows Splunk software to easily correlate it with other data sources. The resulting ‘full picture’ of activity across multiple infrastructure layers will streamline the delivery and troubleshooting of business critical applications within any environment.”

Network data is the lifeblood of today’s digital business. Every interaction between user and application occurs across the network, regardless of location or device type, it provides an authoritative record of user experience, beyond the reach of traditional IT Operations tools because all application data is seen together as it interacts and competes for resources within the network. This provides maximum context to the what, how and why behind an event or issue.

“The ability to deliver specific network data and analytics from Corvil into Splunk Enterpise will enable our shared customers to view network, machine and human-generated operational data together in real time,” said Emilio Umeoka, vice president of worldwide partners, Splunk. “This live, valuable source of data increases the ability to gain more real-time operational intelligence, move faster and make better business decisions.”

With modern businesses “always on,” the ramifications of data loss and network downtime are potentially disastrous. The ability to quickly understand and act on a situation affecting the network has become essential. With the Corvil Add-on for Splunk, joint customers can now have unparalleled access to their own various data sources, helping to empower businesses by combining all the data that matters into one adaptable platform.

“Through our expertise in the extremely demanding Financial Markets vertical, we developed Corvil Add-on for Splunk, a unique, best-in-class approach to deriving operational intelligence and insights from network data,” said Donal Byrne, CEO of Corvil. “As we scale, our next priority is to make these insights accessible and adaptable for companies across any industry. As the most popular software platform for real-time Operational Intelligence, Splunk was a natural alliance.”

Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, Corvil is the only network data analytics company able to monitor, analyze and share vast amounts of network data in real-time, without affecting network and application performance.

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