Corvil Integrates with Cloudera Enterprise to Deliver Real-Time Big Data Analytics for Financial Markets

DUBLIN, IRELAND - August 6, 2015 - Corvil, the gold standard for real-time monitoring and analytics in financial markets, today announced a data integration with Cloudera, the leader in enterprise big data management, powered by Apache Hadoop™. Joint customers may now stream Corvil data continuously and at scale into Cloudera Enterprise, where it can be processed, analyzed, modeled and served using a variety of engines that are part of Cloudera data management platform.

Today’s collaboration was motivated by requests from companies in the financial services sector that are seeking to address the escalating burden of governance, risk, and compliance in an increasingly regulated and scrutinised financial industry.

"Understanding what’s happening with your applications is critical, and ESG research shows that IT operations analytics is a top use case for real-time big data," said Nik Rouda, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. "Corvil teaming up with Cloudera brings this power to the leading Hadoop-based enterprise big data management platform."

"Legacy risk, compliance, and governance systems are typically ‘T+1’, meaning they only provide reports and findings at the end of the trading day or the next day," said Donal O’Sullivan, VP Product Management at Corvil. "In today’s hyper-speed markets, a business can build up an unsustainable position, find itself unable to reconcile trades carried out on behalf of a client or fail to recognize that a software process has inadvertently activated and is trading on the open market without supervision, all in a matter of a second. A new era of real-time systems is needed to address this new reality."

Due to broad industry regulations, modern financial institutions must be able to seamlessly capture, extract, transform, load (ETL), and stream high-fidelity business data in real-time to enable business analytics and data inquiry to be done in a timely, trusted and forensically verifiable manner. By tapping into data directly from the network, Corvil can extract raw packet data and transform it into enriched and normalized business meta data in real-time. Corvil data contains a forensically verifiable record of all machine to machine interactions translated into business context with nanosecond precision timestamps for all event records, making the company the analytics solution of choice within Financial Markets.

"Addressing customer demands for real-time analytics and ingesting high value data sources helps our joint customers maximize the value of the Cloudera platform and deliver on the governance, compliance and risk requirements of the financial industry," said Tim Stevens, vice president of Business and Corporate Development at Cloudera.

Corvil streams data from distributed ETL nodes at rates up to millions of events per second into Cloudera Enterprise using newly developed Kafka and Flume connectors. With this data in Cloudera, analysts can easily construct real-time, interactive and/or batch jobs against the Corvil data on-demand using the latest Apache tools such as Hadoop, HBase, and Spark. The new Corvil connectors for Kafka and Flume have been tested and certified by Cloudera. These connectors are now generally available from Corvil at no additional charge. Customers can also easily visualize the Corvil data and analytical insights using tools such as Tableau and Qlik.

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