Endgame and Corvil Streamline Targeted Attack Protection to Reduce Incident Response Costs and Improve Security Analyst Effectiveness

Leaders in safeguarding the world’s most challenging security environments combine forces to provide earliest possible, most comprehensive protection across network and endpoint.

ARLINGTON, VA and NEW YORK, NY – July 20, 2017 - Corvil and Endgame today announced a partnership to combat increasingly complex cyber threats with unprecedented visibility, superior protection, and automated investigation across the network and endpoints. Corvil, whose customers include top global banking and financial services companies, provides real-time traffic analysis to safeguard financial transactions representing over $1 trillion on a daily basis. Endgame, whose customers include the most targeted military and commercial organizations, is the only endpoint platform unifying prevention, detection and response, and threat hunting to allow analysts of any skill level to stop sophisticated attacks before information theft.

The partnership offers best-in-class protection to stop targeted attacks before damage and loss occurs while empowering security teams to be more proactive and productive. The integration joins Corvil’s unequaled, real-time, granular network visibility and user tracking capability with Endgame’s full-stack endpoint visibility and protection against the most malicious attack types including never-before-seen malware, in-memory, malwareless, and ransomware attacks. By combining live intelligence from deep packet network analysis with endpoint protection at the kernel and memory, the partnership offers the deepest visibility yet. It enables security teams to detect more, sooner; increase analyst efficiency; and execute precision response actions.

"The techniques attackers use today are increasingly aggressive, complex, and difficult to detect," said Nate Fick, Endgame’s CEO. "Security solutions that only identify customer breaches after damage and loss are no longer acceptable. Corvil shares our philosophy of direct, aggressive protection. Extending the visibility we can offer customers across the network and endpoint represents the most comprehensive solution available on the market."

The integration allows customers to extend their protection across user, network, and endpoint, including cloud infrastructure and IOT devices to provide:

  • Continuous threat detection and response
  • Complete protection against exploits and APTs
  • Automated alert triage
  • Streamlined investigation
  • Automated threat hunting

"The Endgame - Corvil partnership provides the combination of deep shared insights across attack surfaces with automation and integrated workflows creating the focused response needed to help ebb the rising frequency and costs of today’s cyberattacks. It promises to provide relief to overburdened security teams who would otherwise be forced to work across fragmented toolsets," said David Monahan, Research Director, Security and Risk Management, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA).

Earlier this year, to empower security analysts of any skill level to do more, both companies extended their innovations in the area of machine learning. Endgame Artemis™, the AI-powered security chatbot, uses NLU (natural language understanding) to automate data collection, guided investigation and triage at enterprise scale. Corvil Cara, the virtual security expert, applies machine learning algorithms to reliably assess ongoing cybersecurity risks, assessing overall security risk scores and surfacing the riskiest issues. This integration bridges those innovations to redefine security operations.

The different backgrounds and unique approaches of the two companies illustrate the rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape as it innovates to meet the unprecedented volume and complexity of global cyberattacks.

"Cybersecurity is an urgent priority for all industries and requires companies to leverage the best learnings and experiences for protection," said David Murray, Corvil’s Chief Business Development Officer. "By combining Endgame’s heritage in protecting against nation-state adversaries with Corvil’s longstanding leadership in safeguarding algorithmic businesses, we, uniquely, provide critical capabilities that our customers across industries require. Today’s partnership with Endgame enables us to cover a wider spectrum of an organization's infrastructure and empower today’s overburdened security teams."

Available today to early adopter customers, Corvil’s integration with Endgame enables advanced precision hunting techniques and streamlines detection and investigation for security teams. For more information, please contact your local Corvil or Endgame account representative.

About Endgame

Endgame's converged endpoint security platform is transforming security programs - their people, processes and technology - with the most powerful endpoint protection and simplest user experience, ensuring analysts of any skill level can stop targeted attacks before information theft. Endgame unifies prevention, detection, and threat hunting to stop known and unknown attacker behaviors at scale with a single agent. For more information, visit www.endgame.com and follow us on Twitter @EndgameInc.

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Corvil is the leader in performance monitoring and analytics for electronic financial markets. The world’s financial markets companies turn to Corvil analytics for the unique visibility and intelligence we provide to assure the speed, transparency, and compliance of their businesses globally. Corvil watches over and assures the outcome of electronic transactions with a value in excess of $1 trillion, every day.

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