Integrated Weaponry to Hone Your Cyber-Jedi Skills

The partnership between Corvil and Carbon Black is about empowering security analysts to get the most out of their most precious resource -- time.

Integrated Weaponry to Hone Your Cyber-Jedi SkillsBy Jasmine Noel    September 13, 2016      Announcements

Corvil and Carbon Black have been working on the same problem: optimizing how security teams use their most precious resource -- time. As Ben Johnson, CTO of Carbon Black wrote:

We’ve already said we don’t have enough people, so why do we fail to optimize how our teams spend their time? We should be looking at getting the greatest return-on-investment from security time.”

We’ve been tackling this optimization problem from different points of view - Carbon Black watching over system activities occurring on systems and Corvil delving deep into how systems communicate with each other. We do this because we know that there are too few cyber jedis in the world with too much manual work.

Hitting dead-end after dead-end when investigating alerts is time-wasting and mind-numbing. This is not a good state of mind for your cyber-jedis to be in. They should be out using their capture-the-packet skills or seeking the compromised endpoint process or dreaming up new ways to Find the Enemy Within or hammering out dents in your cyber-armor or (insert your favorite analogy here). There should be a level of pride, courage and confidence in working to defend others from cyber attacks.

As Michael Higgins, director of information security and CISO for Harris Corporation points out:

There are very few jobs where you get to come to work and literally play chess with your enemies on a daily basis.”

This is why we’re fired up about our partnership with Carbon Black. You can read the formal press release which outlines the benefits of accelerating malicious activity detection, tracking attackers across networks and endpoints, and disabling attacks with greater accuracy. But ultimately our partnership is about empowering people who are endlessly trying to answer questions such as:

  • Have attackers gotten past our outer defenses?
  • Where have they been and what are they looking for?
  • What are they trying to take?
  • What new techniques are they trying out on us?

Our partnership is about providing an outlet for the creativity and curiosity, resourcefulness, and persistence of security analysts. It’s about creating a workspace with data infused with different types of context – which enables cyber-jedis to pivot across different points of view while seeking answers to their questions.

We all know that knowing is half the battle. The problem is it takes us too long to know too little.

The quest that Corvil and Carbon Black have begun today is to empower our fellow cyber-jedis to know more faster. May the force be with you!

Integrated Weaponry to Hone Your Cyber-Jedi Skills

Jasmine Noel, Product Marketing & Sales Enablement, Corvil
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