Recap and Takeaways: STAC London

Sales Development Account Executive Tien Hoang shares his experience at STAC London.

Recap and Takeaways: STAC LondonBy Tien Hoang    November 8, 2016      Thinking

I recently traveled to London to attend STAC Summit, one of the premier events in the fintech industry. The October 27th conference featured multiple informative sessions about everything from MiFID II and compliance to accurate nanosecond timestamping and PTP. At the STAC Summit, the technical areas surrounding MIFID II and accurate timestamping seemed to be a major concern of all attendees, which was of relevant interest to me and the folks at Corvil.

Speakers also addressed big data and reference data, as well as putting clock sync standards to use. All of the presentations were collaborative and engaging, eliciting strong audience interaction, which made for a stimulating day of back-to-back sessions.

Of course, a key standout within the lineup was the presentation given by our very own James Wylie. As Corvil’s Head of Technical Services, James was uniquely situated to share his experiences of the good, bad, and ugly of real PTP deployments. In his talk, “Stories from the PTP Battlefront,” James addressed a number of the problems that can accompany sub-microsecond accuracy in real-life deployments, and how they were diagnosed and solved.

In addition to James, Oliver Bradford, Andrew Keeble, and Michael Sanderson rounded out the Corvil crew. We were gratified by the great feedback on our recent marketing videos from attendees who stopped by the Corvil booth, and so were very proud of that. After having such a fantastic time at the London STAC Summit, I’m already eagerly awaiting the next conference.

Recap and Takeaways: STAC London

Tien Hoang, Sales Development Representative, London, Corvil
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