Recap and Takeaways: User Group Chicago

Corvil Sales Director Jerry Eschweiler shares his experience at User Group Chicago

Recap and Takeaways: User Group ChicagoBy Jerry Eschweiler    November 11, 2016      Events

On November 1, the Chicago Cubs bounced back like a Forrest Gump ping pong ball against the Cleveland Indians in Game 6 of their historic series, sending the contest to a winner-take-all Game 7. Meanwhile, Corvil met its loyal customers at the first annual CHUG meeting. Although the entire city of Chicago was focused on Game 6, the spirit of our event was lively and optimistic, as we connected with customers such as CME, CBOE, and more. I would like to think that the Corvil event was the impetus for taking both games in Cleveland.

As a pre-game warmup, Scott Peerbolte and Doug Bartley presented Corvil’s product offerings, demonstrating the new ease of use and flexibility in the GUI in Tera+ and Corvil’s ability to provide advanced ITOPs /Security benefits in addition to the best Trading Analytics.

In between heated ping pong games, we still found the time to address topics including the new Tera+, Tag Editing, the new 40g platform, Packet Capture/Fast Pass, Splunk + VOIP integration, and the Splunk + Carbon Black Integration. Additionally, there was a lot of informed discussion around dashboard generation, auto discovery and auto configuration. During this more relaxed meetup, we had the opportunity to find out what was top of mind for our customers. It was helpful to learn that customers are interested in upgrading to Tera+ from Giga, working with existing Giga screens in Tera, and understanding where Corvil can help with security threats. We really enjoy these opportunities to talk with our customers, and they give us great insight into how Corvil can help security teams with real-time threat intelligence and improving VoIP communications between sites. But most of all, these meetings guide us in improving and iterating the product to help all of our customers.

Customers valued the opportunity to learn more about our product offering and network with each other, but also had a chance at a pair of tickets to the Ireland vs. New Zealand All Blacks rugby game. Just as the Chicago Cubs came back and won games 6 and 7 to win the World Series, an event 108 years in the making, Ireland also overcame its losing streak to beat the All Blacks for the first time in 111 years! Our lucky winner, Tradelink, scored tickets to be a part of history (from some fantastic seats). Personally, it was a thrill to have met with our loyal customers at the Chicago User Group while being in the cIty to feel the excitement of baseball and rugby fever!

Recap and Takeaways: User Group Chicago

Jerry Eschweiler, Sales Director, Corvil
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