Corvil Security Analytics, bolstering security operational efficiency at RNDC

Powerful live packet-based analytics provides new level of granularity and insight.

Corvil Security Analytics, bolstering security operational efficiency at RNDCBy Graham Ahearne    October 17, 2016      Announcements

Corvil is proud to announce that its Security Analytics solution is being used by Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC), North America’s second largest premium wine and spirits distributor, to safeguard the company’s business from external and insider threats. RNDC selected Corvil for its ability to provide live detection of a broad array of cyber threats, including those involving ransomware and suspicious user activity.

Since all cyber attacks ultimately traverse a company’s network, Corvil’s ability to monitor data communications with full visibility of user, host and application behavior, is key to its best-in-class security solution.

“In today’s environment, attacks can range from highly sophisticated to deceptively simple, but one thing remains the same; All can have a detrimental impact on our brand and operations,” said John Dickson, Director, IT Infrastructure, at RNDC. “Corvil has provided us with unique visibility and enabled accelerated triage, ultimately helping us to more effectively protect ourselves from the sheer quantity and variety of risks that now exist for any modern business.”

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Corvil Security Analytics, bolstering security operational efficiency at RNDC

Graham Ahearne, Director, Product Management, Corvil
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