The Big Divide

When time is money, there’s no room for a disconnect between teams. Thankfully, Corvil bridges the gaps between business and technology.

The Big DivideBy Paul Min    November 4, 2016      Thinking

I spent the past few years on the trading floor. I wrestled everyday with that old cliché: Time is money. From this experience, I learned what time really means: opportunity, cost, and risk. Just as humble H20 can take the form of liquid water, solid ice and vapor; time can interchangeably take the form of opportunity, cost, and risk. Therein lies the intrinsic issue trading businesses face: it’s not enough for them to just measure time, they must also properly understand the relationship time has to their business lines. This is what I call The Big Divide.

In an electronic trading environment, the complexities far exceed what one team can handle. Because of the variance and coverage requirements, gaps in information flow inevitably occur, whether they be technology- or process-related. In my career, I’ve been part of some big and complex infrastructures, and these gaps are a common symptom.

Proprietary and vendor products usually address the symptoms of the gap rather than cause of it. For example, the P&L to a trading desk may appear to have no direct relevance to the technology infrastructure, but it very much could: risk management tools and processes could have direct benefits to the trading side, but this connection is very often an afterthought. Corvil bridges the gap by simply providing points of visibility where applicable to the appropriate team.

Before joining Corvil, I never knew there was a product out there that can give value to both the technology and trading groups. Corvil works to effectively close the gap between the tech and trading side, allowing both to draw insight from the same record of truth— data from the wire, understood in machine time. By providing access to this source of truth, Corvil increases transparency: the trading and tech sides can immediately see the causes behind latency—and efficiency: the trading and IT team are reacting to the same set of normalized, accurate data. In order to effectively safeguard a digital business, it is critical to unite the trading desk and IT side, and allow them the same visibility into the network. With Corvil, we can turn two strong groups into an even stronger unified operation.

The Big Divide

Paul Min, Sales Engineer, New York, Corvil
Corvil is the leader in performance monitoring and analytics for electronic financial markets. The world’s financial markets companies turn to Corvil analytics for the unique visibility and intelligence we provide to assure the speed, transparency, and compliance of their businesses globally. Corvil watches over and assures the outcome of electronic transactions with a value in excess of $1 trillion, every day.

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