Corvil's Top Ten Blogs of 2016

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Corvil's Top Ten Blogs of 2016By Glenn Griffin    January 19, 2017      Thinking

It’s been an amazing 2016 for Corvil, and we’d like to thank you for reading along with our musings. We hope you learned something and we hope you enjoyed. We’ve gather up our Top 10 Blog Posts from 2016 for your perusal below. What would you like to see more of in 2017?

  1. LinkedIn Data Breach : Did you get the email?
    “While most organizations place a lot of importance on monitoring their perimeter, monitoring the internal network can prove very useful in detecting the data acquisition and transfer stages of an attack.”

  2. Causality, Time and Clock Synchronization in MiFID II
    “Time as the key to causality: The reason for these requirements on global synchronization are articulated in RTS 25: Competent Authorities need to be able to reconstruct all events relating to an order, even when those events may take place in multiple different locations.”

  3. Sync it Up, MiFID II Clock Synchronization
    “The arcane discipline of precision timekeeping thus becomes an integral activity in engaging in electronic trading and in being compliant with regulations governing it. While there are timekeeping technologies readily available today that can deliver time-signals to well within the tightest divergences specified in MiFID II (100 microseconds), it is not always easy to achieve this reliably.”

  4. Catching Ransomware Before It Hurts Your Business
    “These nasty attacks used to typically target individuals, but in a worrying trend, they are increasingly focused on holding whole businesses hostage. Therefore, knowing how to detect ransomware proactively is increasingly important.”

  5. Let’s Do the Math on MiFID II
    “Adding a granular and accurate record of the time relative to the question-at-hand leads to a completely different conclusion of who did what, and what actually happened.”

  6. The End of the Beginning for Traditional IT Operations Monitoring?
    “Gartner believes the importance of wire data will continue to increase in most organizations over the next few years…”

  7. Atomic Clocks and Timestamping Practices
    “It’s not enough to deploy, configure and calibrate a time distribution solution and assume it will work correctly for ever after. It is critical to implement appropriate sanity checks on the timestamps being recorded.”

  8. Stream Processing Vs Continuous Packet Capture: Why not both?
    “The most basic challenge of dealing with packet data is one of raw scale. Of all the sources of data, the network is the biggest, the fastest, and the most varied.”

  9. Winning at Security Takes More Than Three Wise Monkeys
    “Like the Japanese proverb about the three wise monkeys who “hear no evil”, “see no evil” and “speak no evil” this customer was reverting to the same approach and hoping that by simply ignoring the threat it will go away. We know this isn't true, but because we too often think we lack the capacity to tackle the problem we choose not to deal with it head on.”

  10. A Peek into the Future: Tackling Algorithmic Cyber-Attackers in a M2M world
    “The lure of achieving even the slightest, crucial competitive edge has propelled certain industries, such as high frequency electronic trading, into leading the charge toward this algorithmic, machine-to-machine future. Corvil has been on this journey from the outset…”

Corvil's Top Ten Blogs of 2016

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