Invest Now in a Good Network Analytic Tool, and Save Yourself the Headache Later

Caught in the crossfire of malicious malware? Corvil highlights the perils of makeshift solutions in businesses today.

Invest Now in a Good Network Analytic Tool, and Save Yourself the Headache LaterBy Jimmy Yeung    October 26, 2017      Thinking

Businesses are investing tons of money in their technology infrastructures, engineers, and developers, but are still failing to make room in the budget to invest in quality network analytic tools. Support teams end up using freeware, logs, and all sorts of makeshift, stopgap solutions in their place.

Budget room for Network Analytic Tools suddenly seems to appear in the aftermath of something catastrophic, after the business has come under attack by malicious malware or a network issue that results in the loss of business. This “afterthought approach” is far too common a practice across many industries, including some that should know better.

Freeware and homegrown tools may be alright for a simple home network, but are certainly not nearly sufficient for any more sophisticated ecosystem. Modern business operates at the nexus of traditional network data centers, public clouds, private clouds, hybrid clouds, multiple end points, and more and more.

You need an advanced monitoring tool that provides full analytics and visibility into your ecosystem. You need a monitoring tool that will correlate and stitch multiple hops and applications together, and has the ability to visually indicate which hop is the root cause.

That’s why people are choosing Corvil. Corvil is a single platform and a single solution for all your ITOps and SecOps needs. Imagine if you had a dashboard that could pinpoint the issue and direct you to the root cause without having to take a single look into the packets. Imagine if you could have a virtual agent scanning your network and providing daily reports, instanting alerting you if there were any anomalous activity or malicious threats on the network.

Corvil Network analytics will detect if issues are from the network or from applications without you having to play the “blame game.” Within a single platform, we can also correlate malicious activity with Corvil Security Analytics, from the network to the endpoints. Corvil Security Analytics can also perform threat detection, spot tunneling activities, and much more.

Having a Corvil means your engineers will be spending more time working on critical projects that drive your business.

Invest Now in a Good Network Analytic Tool, and Save Yourself the Headache Later

Jimmy Yeung, Sales Engineer, Corvil
Corvil is the leader in performance monitoring and analytics for electronic financial markets. The world’s financial markets companies turn to Corvil analytics for the unique visibility and intelligence we provide to assure the speed, transparency, and compliance of their businesses globally. Corvil watches over and assures the outcome of electronic transactions with a value in excess of $1 trillion, every day.

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