How a history of innovation helped Corvil become a Gartner Visionary

Being recognized for the fourth year running says a lot about our pioneering approach to helping assure digital services

How a history of innovation helped Corvil become a Gartner VisionaryBy David Murray    March 16, 2018      Announcements

Gartner leads off this year’s Magic Quadrant for Network Performance Management and Diagnostics with a simple statement: “Network performance is intertwined with the success of digital business.” This has been the mantra of Corvil for many years and we are delighted to be recognized once again as a Visionary in the report.

We had a head start on the particular challenges of digital business success because of our broad adoption years ago by customers in Financial Markets. Long a leading vertical in leveraging technology for a competitive advantage, the rise of electronic financial transaction systems made the need for streaming machine-time intelligence and granular visibility of network performance business-critical. Corvil’s ability to deliver correlated insight of the following four critical, and often elusive, dimensions of digital business, delivers competitive advantage, operational efficiencies, and risk and regulatory relief:

· business-aligned transaction performance
· user and customer experience
· technology infrastructure and application performance
· cyber threats

We enable businesses to make data-driven decisions, optimize the performance of their internal/external services, assure digital experiences, and generally move faster, while remaining secure.

Using rigorous mathematical, scientific and engineering techniques, we have long been innovators in this space. And as we honed our skills to meet the most demanding of environments, other businesses pursued a similar trajectory to electronic financial transactions and became increasingly dependent on algorithms and other technologies to run real-time operations. Today, our solutions are used in IT Operations Analytics, Security Analytics, and Digital Transaction Monitoring and Analytics as well as to support compliance for current and emerging regulations.

Lauded for vision and execution

Companies today face the dual challenge of assuring digital experiences in complex environments, while gaining insight from the network to optimize business outcomes. Gartner talks about “cloud-hosted workloads, endpoint diversity and software-defined architectures” that contribute to the complexity, technological advances – we argue – that are best monitored with rich data extracted from the network.

We have believed for some time that the value of the data flowing across the network exceeds the value of the network itself. Network leaders are the custodians for a rich fabric for business and operational intelligence.

We are already delivering capabilities to meet next-generation network requirements, enabling IT Ops as well as Line-of-Business teams to rapidly cut through the new complexity in order to assure, measure, and secure, and optimize IT service delivery.

In Gartner’s accompanying report – “Critical Capabilities for Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics” – Corvil’s Analytics came out on top in the IT Operations Generalist Use Case category and ranked in the top five out of 22 total vendors across all the other use cases: Network Operator, Network Architect, IT Operations Manager, and Line-of-Business.

Giving customers granular visibility

While it’s great to receive analyst plaudits, the biggest buzz we get is from our customers: the finance company, for example, where network architects praised our “ability to measure application performance at the transport layer”, helping them analyze issues more quickly. They benefited from our ability to measure microbursts of latency sensitive business traffic, a core component of our packet-data approach.

For another company, the main goal was finding a solution that could monitor and alert networks engineers on key metrics that were critical to the business. “No other competitor in the space had the real-time analytics, dashboard view, reporting metrics, nor alerting capabilities packaged in one offering like Corvil,” they said. Network architects in another large finance company praised us for a product that is “easy to use”, that gave them a good understanding of their network and applications.

We are proud to receive Gartner recognition and we would like to thank our valued customers and employees for helping us sustain this position. Regardless of how much more complex the evolving infrastructure landscape becomes, we remain committed to innovating to provide even greater visibility, insight and intelligence to deliver efficient, secure, and effective digital services.

To find out more about the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics visit here.

How a history of innovation helped Corvil become a Gartner Visionary

David Murray, Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer, Corvil
Corvil is the leader in performance monitoring and analytics for electronic financial markets. The world’s financial markets companies turn to Corvil analytics for the unique visibility and intelligence we provide to assure the speed, transparency, and compliance of their businesses globally. Corvil watches over and assures the outcome of electronic transactions with a value in excess of $1 trillion, every day.