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When Value Delivered Comes First,
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Info-Tech Research Group

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Trading Solutions Provider

Optimizes Customer Experience More Efficiently

Proprietary Trading Firm

Proactively Improves Execution Quality

Global Financial Services Firm

Improves Packet Capture TCO, ROI and Lays Foundation for Analytics

Futures Exchange

Reduces MTTR by 89% with Corvil

Market Maker

Advances Innovation and Prioritizes Optimization

Leading Market Maker

Improves OTR Compliance and Reduction of Intraday Risk

Global Banking and Financial Services Firm

Boosts Market Data Performance 200%

Global Financial Services Firm

Improves Packet Capture TCO

Global Law Firm

Protects Client Data and IP with Insider Threat Analysis

Quantitative Market Maker

Analyzes Market Data, News Feeds, and the Underlying Infrastructure

European Investment Bank

Assures Optimal Client Execution

U.S. Communications

Delivers World-class Market Data Distribution Network

Global Bank

Improves Tick Delivery for Better Execution

Global Financial Technology Company

Boosts IT Operations Cost Effectiveness

Forex Brokerage

Manages Cybersecurity Risk

Stock Exchange

Simplifies Compliance and Service Assurance

Leading Insurer

Reduces Risk and Improves Security Operations

Leading Global Insurer

Optimizes Digital Experience Assurance

Maricopa Region 911

Improves Efficiency and Unified Communications Service Quality

Investment Firm

Improves Customer Satisfaction and Trade Execution

Large Commercial Bank

Accelerates Regulatory Reporting by 3 Months

World-Leading Online Investments Provider

Improves Operational Risk Management

Large Government Agency

Improves Caller Experience and Agent Productivity Experience

Large Wine and Spirits Distributor

Provides Broad Visibility for Forensic Investigation

Pico Thrills Customers with Insights


Learn how Pico uses Corvil’s analysis and insights to engage with customers and optimize service performance.

RSJ Removes Infrastructure Bottlenecks


RSJ optimizes the performance of their trading infrastructure while saving time on developing monitoring tools.

Thomson Reuters


Why Thomson Reuters chose Corvil as their technology partner.

Safeguarding Tradition’s Trading Business


Learn how Tradition assures consistent trading performance, optimizes capacity ‘on the go’, and addresses customers’ questions.

The Game Changer


Large bank precisely correlated IT degradation to revenue degradation by measuring performance of every hop of every transaction.

Multi-Tier in a Customer Scenario


Corvil helped monitor & stitch together the different tiers of their app which was made up of a complex web of components such as firewall, load balancer, message bus, backend servers, database, email.

Customer Surprised at How It Took Only 1 Week


Learn how one customer had failed for 5 years with their existing VoIP performance tool to get proactive VoIP reporting and within one week how Corvil delivered an updated VoIP analytics solution.

Protect your Clients from the Competition


Learn how a trading business stopped order flow losses to their competition by using Corvil to pinpoint the cause of stale prices.

Visibility for App & Network Teams


Learn how an Equities Exchange instrumented their new Matching Engine to eliminate finger-pointing between teams.

The Business Intelligence Tool


For the first time, the IT team could answer complex business questions about transactions by streaming Corvil data into Splunk.

Finding the Needle in a Haystack


Corvil finds answers to questions from traders, network engineers and application teams to solve their performance problems.

MTTR goes from Months to Minutes


There are many opportunities for Corvil users to become networking rockstars who find answers to tough issues really quickly.

See Your Application Uniquely to Your Business


Corvil creates custom decodes to look into your payloads and based on the data call business transactions a different and more logical label, allowing you to see your application in your language.

Corvil Security Analytics


Adding security analytics brought new awareness of network behaviors that warranted deeper investigation.

Identify Causes of User Frustration


Using Corvil to pinpoint root cause of voice degradation problems and improve user experience for their Managing Directors.

Tracking Across Hops and Protocols


Learn how one company tracks thousands of orders flowing across multiple datacenters, network hops, and network protocol changes.

MTTR Reduced from 30 days to 1 day


Corvil users took 1 day to identify multiple issues that were causing intermittent, yet unreproducible user experience problems.