See What No One Else Can See

With over 80% of breaches resulting from malicious or inadvertent insiders and a fourfold increase in Powershell-based attacks, companies increasingly need protection from within. Yet, it is often difficult to distinguish normal activities from malicious behaviors, particularly if users know about, and intentionally avoid, existing security controls.

Would you know if:

  • An attacker deployed rogue hosts on your network to establish covert access?
  • An employee’s account was compromised and is acting as a beachhead?
  • An attacker is using malware-less techniques such as Powershell?
  • Corporate workstations were being used to perform cryptomining?

You would if you had Corvil Analytics.

Give us 30 minutes and we’ll show you how Corvil Analytics uniquely enriches network traffic with user identity information to help you:

  • Detect and prioritize your most suspicious users
  • Identify the hosts being used by those users
  • Respond to neutralize these threats

Learn What Users Are
Doing On Your Network