The New Scale-Out Economics of Network Data Analytics

Corvil is the industry benchmark for network data analytics and ​application-aware network performance monitoring in terms of cost, performance and capability. Corvil is ​now ​priced based on a software-defined appliance model enabling between 40-80 percent cost reduction compared to the approach used by traditional ​packet capture and ​network performance monitoring vendors.

Below is a comparison of a range of Corvil appliances with other leading network and application performance monitoring vendors. The ​new ​Corvil ​software-defined ​pricing includes a perpetual license for the Corvil network data analytics software. The Corvil price also includes all network performance monitoring analytics​ and ​application performance monitoring ​analytics ​including VoIP, Storage, Database, Web monitoring, etc., as well as real user monitoring or RUM. Some of the competitors charge separately for these capabilities so this comparison includes the ​additional charges you would pay with these traditional products. Finally, all prices assume one hardware refresh required in a 5 year cycle.

Total Cost of Ownership Over 5 Years

Vendor Comparison of Full Solution Offering
(includes 1 hardware refresh for all vendors in year 4)

Corvil 6400
1U: 2x10G ports
Infinistream 2990
1U: 2x10G ports
N/A EH6000
1U: 2x10G ports
Corvil 6450
1U: 4x10G ports
Infinistream 4995
2U: 4x10G ports
SteelCentral 5100
4U: 2x10G ports
2U: 2x10G ports
Corvil 7450
2U: 4x10G ports
Infinistream 7995
3U: 4x10G ports
SteelCentral 6000
5U: 2x10G ports
2U: 4x10G ports
Price includes full solution Price includes nGeniusONE & nGenius PM Price includes Database, UC & Shark tools Price includes full solution

* Total cost of ownership with perpetual software license option (over 5 years)

An industry-first, ​Corvil ​is redefining the economics of network data analytics and application-aware network performance monitoring by ​decoupling​​ the analytics software from the underlying bare metal appliance hardware so that software and hardware are priced separately, with hardware sold at cost. Customers can buy the analytics software in a modular fashion with a choice of perpetual and subscription licenses.

Software licenses on end-of-life appliances are transferable to new hardware. This provides 100 percent investment protection for software analytics investment while delivering a 40 percent reduction in TCO over five years compared to the traditional approach in this comparison.

Vendor Capability Comparison

Unbundling of Hardware and Software Pricing
Hardware at Cost
Perpetual and Annual License Options
Transferrable Software Licenses to new Hardware at Cost
40% Lower TCO over 5 yrs
100% Investment Protection

Full Partial No Capability