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With modular analytics, right-fit licensing, scalable architecture, and on-the-fly analytics upgrades, let us surprise you with how flexible and cost-effective our solutions can be.

Corvil’s pricing approach redefines the economics and flexibility of network analytics by decoupling the analytics software from the underlying bare metal appliance hardware. Modular licenses with easy software upgrades enable future growth and expansion while protecting long term TCO.

Multiple licensing options provide purchasing teams with additional flexibility. Perpetual software licenses survive after hardware end of life, providing 100 percent investment protection for the analytics.


  • Modular licensing for solution flexibility
  • Pricing options to match purchasing needs
  • Licenses right-sized for the environment
  • Multiple investment protection options

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Pricing Options that Maximize Purchasing Flexibility

Whether organizations are optimizing for operating expense, capital expense or long term TCO
Corvil has subscription, appliance-specific, and perpetual pricing options to meet your needs.

Additionally, Corvil licenses are sized to fit a range of datacenters, branch offices, and small sites.
As a result, organizations pay for what their teams and networks need when they need it.

See How Flexible and Cost-Effective Corvil Can Be

Get What
You Need

Flexibility to right-fit capabilities and licensing options to meet current solution and budget needs

Reduce Complexity & TCO

Consolidate multiple specialized analysis tools onto a single, scalable platform that lowers TCO

Grow & Expand
As Needed

On-the-fly software analytics upgrades maximize your flexibility

Protect Your Investment

Analytics licensing options that survive end-of-life appliances and/or shift to cloud deployment

Vendor Comparison

Some vendors still cling to outdated appliance pricing models that require customers to repurchase the full solution (hardware and software) once the hardware is end of life. Corvil’s modular, software-defined appliances and licensing model provides customers with +40% lower total cost of ownership over five years.