Corvil Discovery

Corvil Discovery is a three-stage process to deliver powerful analytics from the data in your network:

Application Discovery

Identify the applications and protocols active on your network. Unlike traditional network performance management tools that ‘discover’ applications by comparing network headers against a long list of known ports, Corvil application discovery is based on successful decode of the application protocol. This delivers the most robust and reliable application discovery available today.

Auto Application Analytics

Having discovered the applications present on the network, Corvil Discovery attaches the appropriate Corvil Plug-in for each specific application. The Corvil Plug-ins attach to the network flows, reconstructing messages and transactions, and then calculate dozens of specific analytics for that application. Corvil's library of Plug-ins offer built-in support for hundreds of applications.

Service Aggregation

Automatically identify appropriate aggregations for each application. For example: discover all incoming HTTP traffic, and summarize response time, errors and peak request load by server and webapp. Or summarize VoIP call quality by site and gateway.


  • Dramatically reduces time spent on configuration
  • Plug-ins are updated monthly, providing support for new applications, protocols and analytics
  • Application Discovery based on decode of protocol
  • Attaches appropriate Analytics Plug-in to each application