TechnologyCorvil Analytics Plug-Ins

Corvil Analytic Plug-ins decode and analyze protocols and applications on the network in real-time, transforming that real-time, indexed information about business outcomes, customer experience, infrastructure performance, and user activities.

Each Plug-in contains analytics specific to a protocol or application which:

  • Fully decodes the protocol from network packets
  • Extracts and indexes application, transaction, user, and business data
  • Enrichs the decoded data with contextual information specific to the application
  • Identifies error conditions or failure codes within the application
  • Calculates metrics and analytics of interest for this particular application

Analytic Plug-ins are bundled into solution packs (Electronic Trading, Market Data, Enterprise & Security), which can be installed and upgraded on Corvil appliances.


  • Analysis has zero impact on application performance
  • Holistic network, application and business analysis
  • Agile and responsive in meeting new analytic requirements
  • Monthly Analytic Pack containing new and updated analytics
  • SDK for supporting custom protocols

Electronic Trading

This pack includes modules for the majority of the worlds trading protocols, including all major exchange formats and multiple versions/variants of FIX and middleware protocols.

Sample analytics

  • Fill Rate
  • Tick-to-Order
  • Order-to-Tick
  • Order Response

Market Data

This pack includes support for most of the world's market data formats.

Sample analytics

  • Microburst Analysis
  • GAP Detection
  • Relative Latency
  • Bandwidth Protection

Enterprise & Security

This pack includes modules for VoIP, Video, Database, Storage, web and many other commonly deployed.

Sample analytics

  • VoIP
  • Business Application
  • Network Services
  • Packet Capture
  • Simplified Anomaly Detection
  • User Activity Tracking
  • Backchannel Detection
  • Retrospective Threat Matching