Corvil products capture, analyze and learn from network data. The resulting intelligence is delivered to business and IT stakeholders with self-service analysis and machine learning-powered anomaly detection.


Visibility & Data Acquisition

Data from networks, apps, virtual and cloud hosts is reliably captured, cleaned and organized for analysis - at scale.

Data Transformation & Analytics

Streaming analytics and data enrichment techniques transform data into intelligence.

Anomaly Detection & Self-Service Intelligence

Machine learning and multi-dimensional analytics empower diverse stakeholders.

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Everything is nanosecond time-stamped and synchronized to ensure a precisely sequenced dataset regardless of what is being investigated.

Deep data buffering ensures a complete and reliable dataset is captured, preventing loss even through sudden large and extended bursts of traffic.

Built-in quality monitoring safeguards the integrity of data being delivered for analysis.

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Get the same level of visibility across the entire environment, whether the infrastructure is physical, virtual, remote, on-premise, or hybrid cloud.

Corvil Analytics collects data from everywhere by connecting to switches, physical and virtual taps, aggregators, packet brokers, packet capture appliances, sensors, and even application agents.

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A fully distributed architecture scales linearly to support hundreds of appliances and thousands of sensors while supporting a global data index that is centrally searchable.

Software sensors and software-defined appliances redefine the economics of network data capture with cost reductions between 40-80% over traditional packet capture products.

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Corvil’s Software-Defined Advantage

The Corvil range of Software Defined Appliances are high-performance bare metal hardware optimized to run Corvil’s modular streaming analytics engine providing the best price, performance and reliability combined.

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Analytic Plug-Ins, honed for years in high-performance environments, automatically discover and decode a wide variety of protocols. The analytics transform an application’s data-in-motion into real-time, indexed information about business outcomes, customer experience, infrastructure performance, and user activities.

To keep pace with constantly changing protocols and applications, an Analytic Plug-In Pack is released every month with new and updated analytics. Exclusive analytics can be created for proprietary protocols, applications or business-specific intelligence needs with Corvil's SDK.

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Corvil distills the wealth of information created by Plug-Ins into insights needed to streamline IT, business, risk and compliance operations.

Information needed for common detection, investigation, and problem-solving situations is delivered by pre-built or custom dashboards, scheduled reports, emails, or within integrated applications.

Experts can filter data, compare timeframes and drill down into source packet data.

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Corvil Actions are contextual menu options that automate workflow-specific tasks, display visualizations or trigger third party integrations, enabling users to minimize time between insight and action. Monthly Action Pack releases contain new workflows, capabilities, and visualizations to enhance user productivity.

Corvil’s rich operational data can be live streamed to Corvil Intelligence Hub and shared throughout the ecosystem, including regulatory reporting providers, security, IT orchestration, and business analytics solutions. Create business-specific integrations with Corvil’s SDK and APIs to drive competitive advantage.

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Verifiable Intelligence

Every calculated metric, every analysis result, every chart plotted, or table generated has a
direct connection to the original packets analyzed from the wire. This connection prevents
“black box” intelligence - where it is unclear how intelligence was created.

Corvil delivers trusted intelligence because it is traceable to the source data.

It enables multi-dimensional analysis and provides a comprehensive set of intuitive visualizations, empowering diverse teams to explore data how they each want to see it.

Because Intelligence Hub links aggregated and source data, teams can drill down to access greater details, supporting multiple workflows.

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Triangulate meaningful anomalies by leveraging multiple machine learning algorithms without the need for data science expertise. Improve user and customer experience by proactively identifying the issues, and enabling IT operations to focus on the problem sources and respond to issues.

Intelligence Hub incorporates multiple machine learning algorithms that can be easily applied to key metrics and data points. By correlating these diverse machine learning approaches, Intelligence Hub reduces the noise in detecting and presenting anomalies for reporting and action.

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Derive insights that can transform the way business is done. By applying historical trending and predictive analysis to key business metrics or operational controls, Corvil delivers insights into how conditions change over time, and ultimately enables proactive forecasts.

When these forecasts are combined with live multi-dimensional analysis organizations can shift from reactive to proactive processes and management. The outcomes of actions can be tracked and decision-making improved.

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