TechnologyDeep Data Buffering

Corvil’s deep buffering platforms ensure accurate and trustworthy capture for 100% of packets and data analytics to support user and data intensive web, mobile and on premise applications, where congestion and sharp spikes in traffic are present.

This industry-first deep data buffering capability allows you to dramatically reduce costs by sizing your monitoring infrastructure deployment for average traffic rates, not for the traffic bursts or 1-second peaks which may be 10x or more above average.

For example, in your production network, bursts in application traffic result in packet loss which causes performance issues and typically requires additional investment in upgrades to switches and WAN links to support the growing traffic demands. These investments can be justified by the growing demands of the business. However, these bursts are exactly the traffic you want to capture and analyze to support performance monitoring and key data analytics for your applications. With Corvil’s deep data buffering architecture, there is no longer the need to upgrade your capture, NPM and analytics platform to match the growth in these peak rates. The deep data buffering architecture allows your max 1-second peak rates to grow up to 10x today’s 1-second peak rates and Corvil will continue to capture and analyze 100% of packets.

Without Corvil’s Deep Data Buffering platform, customers would require a costly up-scaling of the monitoring solution to absorb and process huge bursts in traffic.