Packet Capture Export

Network, IT operations and security teams need fast access to packet captures on-demand. These teams need a quick and intuitive user interface that requires no training or support but enables multiple different uses of packet captures.

Corvil appliances store packets after processing to deliver real time business, application, security and infrastructure analytics. The stored packets are retrieved via a simple interface with filtering options and syntax familiar to network, IT operations and security teams.

Corvil’s intuitive interface enables people to get the packets they need quickly and easily without becoming product experts.


  • Increased productivity for ad-hoc export use cases
  • Intuitive interface for multi-functional teams and use cases
  • Guaranteed capture rates with deep buffering
  • Fast export of packet captures on-demand
  • Single platform for packet capture, packet retrieval and optional analytics

Corvil Appliances

Our range of appliances offer reliable glitch-free packet capture with many additional capabilities, including:

  • 42 Gbps sustained capture to disk with accurate hardware timestamping
  • Deep buffering which lowers capital costs while ensuring peak rate capture
  • Maximized use of onboard storage with real- time data compression
  • Support for sub-microsecond synchronization to external sources using Pulse Per Second (PPS) and Precision Time Protocol (PTPv2 / IEEE 1588)
  • Detection of missing TCP data which speeds identification of packet loss issues upstream of the Corvil appliance and ensures you have high quality data

Corvil also enables you to leverage existing investments in aggregation infrastructure leveraging our remote data streaming feature. We support for all network packet brokers (NPB) port tagging and timestamping capabilities, including Apcon, Arista, Cisco, cPacket, Gigamon, Ixia, Netscout and VSS.

API Support

Corvil Capture offers comprehensive APIs access to retrieve stored packet data such as:

  • PCAP files, supporting familiar filtering options and syntax
  • A text file of packet headers
  • A time series of microburst for all traffic to a particular host

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Rapid Export Without Impacting Capture

When you need immediate access to captures, our top-line appliances can deliver up to 5x1 faster export during peak capture conditions. The Packet Capture Export screen provides a simple yet powerful interface to select time periods, physical ports, sessions, protocols or applications to minimize the size of the capture file downloaded to your desktop. Optionally filter the packets with a familiar syntax:

  • Berkeley Packet Filtering (BPF)
  • Wireshark™ syntax
  • Corvil filtering extensions, such as filtering on upstream network packet broker ports

Power Users

For power users, a command-line interface provides access to all export and filtering options. The CLI also provides access to the industry-standard tshark utility to assist in troubleshooting and targeted export, for example:

  • Identify all HTTP traffic with TCP zero-window alerts
  • Identify top-conversations before doing a filtered export

1 With Turbo license, on available appliance models