TechnologyRemote Data Streaming

An industry first feature, which is unique to the Corvil platform, Remote Data Streaming enables a centrally deployed Corvil appliance to receive and analyze a stream of packets forwarded from a remote source in true real-time, cutting down on the number of appliances customers need to purchase. For customers where it is uneconomic to put a Corvil appliance everywhere, it is now possible to deploy Corvil appliances in major sites and forward data from remote sites. Remote Data Streaming allows data from remote locations to be streamed to Corvil installations in central data centers for analysis – no need for appliances at every remote location.

Remote Streaming processes streams of packets forwarded from remote sources as if they were captured locally. Making use of remotely-applied timestamps, such as by Cisco 3548 ERSPAN, this can reduce the number of appliances customers need to purchase. Based on models of many real-life deployments, these combined changes can deliver 90% savings on HW and SW in year 1.