What is Wire Data?

Every business is a connected business. Digital machines communicate with each other to perform the critical tasks and services needed to carry out the business. The communications data that flows between the software services and applications running on these digital machines is often referred to as wire data. It is also known as packet data or network data. This data is obtained by tapping into the network and taking a copy of the raw packet streams flowing between the connected machines.

Traditionally, the wire data packets have been used by network engineers to discover and troubleshoot the health and performance of the network. However, at Corvil we look at wire data in a completely different way. We analyze, transform, and enrich the raw wire data to create a continuous stream of granular and accurate intelligence to see, understand and act on their business as it happens live.

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What does Wire Data tell me?

What Did I See?

Corvil ships with hundreds of plug-ins that auto-discover, decode, reconstruct and analyze your application data in real-time. Corvil makes sense of the unstructured wire data, extracting the content and performance of each business transaction.

When Did I See It?

Corvil takes care of time synchronization. It records sub-microsecond timestamps for every packet and also accepts time-stamped traffic from Network Packet Brokers, including: Cisco, Arista, Gigamon, Apcon, cPacket, VSS & Ixia.

If you haven’t deployed PTP or have GPS in your data centers, don’t worry. Corvil has solved that too, providing time-synchronization between your locations!

Where Did I See It?

Today’s networks are complex, with multiple physical paths for redundancy and complex routing methodologies to direct the traffic. Our application traffic doesn’t always take the optimal path we would expect leading to unexpected and intermittent application performance. Corvil records where every packet was seen, providing immediate insight into the operation and efficiency of the IT infrastructure.

Did I See It?

Packet Loss is an application and revenue killer for online business, causing high transactional latency and degraded user experience. If data is lost within the network, TCP automatically initiates a retransmission after a time-out period. This occurs in the network stack, the application itself is unaware of the loss so pure IT Operations solutions are blind to these effects over-optimistically reporting application performance.

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Analyze wire data to safeguard the health of your business

The communications data transferred between connected digital machines is the lifeblood of your business. When it’s not flowing freely and securely the health of your digital business is at risk. Not only does the network enable your connected digital business to exist, it also carries a wealth of information regarding the experience of your clients, the performance of your business, and the compliance of your operations with critical regulations and policies.

A blood test provides your physician with dozens of readings regarding your health. It will confirm the performance of your organs, identify infections, chemical and hormonal imbalances and so on. This rich information enables the physician to make a diagnosis and recommend corrective action. Corvil performs equivalent analysis of your wire data, the life blood of your business, providing detailed “health” information in real-time and correlated to a fully transparent view of the digital infrastructure components upon which it relies.