Why Corvil?

Corvil is the best at what we do, which is to provide real-time Operations and Business Analytics from the chaotic torrent of packets flowing through your network. Our mission is make it easy for anybody to unlock the full power of network data.

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One platform. Many solutions.

Corvil Analytics derives Operational and Business intelligence from network data.

Improve Decision Making

With metrics extracted from your most underutilized, but most valuable real-time data source

Corvil extracts business metrics, service performance indicators and infrastructure insights from your network – your most underutilized resource. We deliver the important results to you for investment decisions, answering strategic questions, and investigating incidents.

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Patented Analytics

Take the Guesswork out of Service Delivery

When business outcomes are tightly linked to performance, micro effects in resource consumption escalate to have macro-scale business consequences. Understanding the relationship between micro and macro events takes the guesswork out of tuning your business critical services.

Unlock Your Data

Share the data wealth with tunable data streams

Getting to the truth out to multiple teams doesn’t have to hurt. We’ve made it easy to extract and share an unbiased source of real-time truth about business, service, and infrastructure activity. It is easy to stream Corvil’s real-time data to Big Data solutions for analysis and correlation with other data sources.

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Instant Insight

Just plug Corvil in to discover business, application and infrastructure insights, all from your network data, even in constantly changing environments.

Our Tera release adds more plugins for instant value

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