2018 Info-Tech Research Group
Software Reviews

Network Monitoring Category Report

The report is a thorough evaluation and ranking of network monitoring solutions across multiple dimensions to help you:

  • Know the available products and features
  • Know what to expect before you sign with unfiltered data from real users
  • Effectively manage your IT vendor and negotiate contracts based on data

Download your complimentary copy (a $5,000 value), which includes:

User Satisfaction Rankings
Overall user satisfaction to compare software at a glance.

Business Value Scores
Ensure you’re getting your money’s worth by comparing the business value delivered to cost.

Vendor Capability Comparisons
Understand the capabilities of network monitoring vendors across multiple dimensions.

Product Feature Evaluations
Comprehensive user satisfaction ranking of individual features for insight into what the product can do.

Emotional Connection to Products
The emotional sentiment held by end users based on their experience with the vendor and software.

Proprietary Data Quadrant
A comprehensive summary of the software landscape comparing product satisfaction and vendor experience.