Government Agency Improves VoIP Call Quality and Experience

Corvil simplified problem isolation and with new insights into actual voice quality experienced by call center agents

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About the Customer

Large Government Agency:

  • Contact center for answering questions about benefits and entitlements
  • Approximately 20 million constituents served
  • Over 360,000 calls on a typical day


Voice Teams Unable to Assure Call Center Outcomes

Voice service outages impacted thousands of constituents when manual diagnosis stretched into hours or days.

Similarly, poor voice quality impacted the performance of individual agents and of the entire call center. Call queue delay times and call abandonment rates increased as choppy calls lengthened the time agents spent with each constituent. First call closure rates fell as call drops and one-way audio loss interrupted constituent interactions being interrupted before completion.


More Effective Control Over Voice Experience Powered by Improved Insight

Using Corvil, voice teams gained new insights into all call center activities, actual voice quality experienced by agents, and end-to-end operations in real-time and retrospectively. The ability to analyze activity and voice quality by agent, number called, time of day and other call record details improved the teams’ responsiveness to customer-reported problems.

Voice teams simplified problem isolation and reduced incident response times with automatically populated ladder diagrams that visualized the full lifecycle and failure points for any call. Automated detection and analysis of signaling errors, incorrectly tagged media flows, and obscure congestion points across multi-vendor infrastructure enabled the teams to proactively address burgeoning problems.

The voice teams rapidly realized the solution benefits by leveraging Corvil’s simplified deployment plan, rapid skills transfer, and workflow training.


Call Center Performance Improves as Voice Teams Become More Efficient


Agent Time Lost Due to Technology Issues
Operational Risk Due To Service Outages
Call Queue Delay Time
Call Abandonment Rates
First Call Closure Rates


Business Responsiveness
Mean Time To Repair
Staff Productivity
Cost Effectiveness

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