Exchange Reduces MTTR by 89% with Corvil

Corvil improves customer experience with enhanced analysis of clients, market data, and transactions

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About the Customer

Futures Exchange:

  • Provides 13,000+ products for securities lending, repo and collateral management
  • Supports +$25M in bilaterally negotiated block transactions


Maintaining Market Data Service Quality Amid Growing Volumes

As customers connect to receive market data feeds (hundreds of millions of messages) and execute trades; the exchange’s ability to assure and improve services for customers was constrained by:

  • Extended time-frames to identify, diagnose, triage, and resolve service degradation and customer queries, particularly as client-side infrastructure or automated trading strategies changed
  • Additional development resources needed to create and maintain complex analysis rules required to parse log data for customer support and compliance investigations


Analytics and Insight into Clients, Market Data and Transactions

Deployed across the firm’s order routing infrastructure and ticker plant, Corvil analyzed customer order flows and market data distribution to provide:

  • Real-time analysis and of market data flows, provided with zero performance impact on the firm’s high-performance connectivity infrastructure
  • Customer-specific insights into multi-cast group subscriptions and market data feeds being delivered
  • Insight into market data quality issues such as sequence gaps for proactive service assurance
  • Automated discovery and analysis of new order flows, enabling fast, accurate responses to customer queries
  • Live and retrospective network and infrastructure health and performance metrics
  • Insight into the sources of customer performance degradation or connectivity issues
  • Intuitive packet capture, analytics, filtering, indexed search and single-click access that minimized manual analysis time and effort


Improved Customer Experience and More Efficient and Effective Operations

Customer Satisfaction
Time spent troubleshooting network issues
Time spent isolating client issues by 89%
Developer opportunity costs

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