Bank Boosts Market Data Performance 200%

Data-driven insight from Corvil reveals impactful optimization areas

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About the Customer

Global Banking and Financial Services Firm:

  • Provides market access via solutions in equities, fixed income and currencies, commodities and alternative investments
  • Approximately $4T in assets under custody
  • Approximately $28B revenue


Accurate Identification of Performance Optimization Opportunities

With business profitability dependent on optimal network and system performance, the firm developed, and continually optimized, custom systems for market data distribution. Business stakeholders had a data-driven process for making optimization decisions; however, performance data reported by application logs proved inadequate to accurately pinpoint optimization opportunities.


Insight to Improve Market Data Performance

Corvil analyzed performance through the entire ticker plant infrastructure delivering market updates to internal systems, to provide:

  • Visibility into health and performance across each infrastructure layer, including feed handlers and feed distribution devices, regardless of messaging and protocol changes
  • Feed Handler analysis and insights that:
    • Demonstrated feed handler performance did not match business stakeholders’ expectations
    • Supported development of the internal business case for rebuilding the feed handling solution
    • Validated performance improvements of the development effort during phased roll-out across hundreds of systems supporting multiple desks
  • Tick-to-quote analysis which:
    • Validated Best-Bid-Offer (BBO) algorithm responsiveness to market updates matched business goals
    • Improved insight into performance impact on venue selection, order routing, and strategy execution
  • Workflows to accelerate identification, isolation, and resolution of market data performance degradation


Improved Delivery and Execution Performance

Feed Handler performance by 200%
Profit improvement resulting from improved execution (based on timely market data)
Identification of improvement opportunities
Mean time to resolve performance issues

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