Maricopa Region 911 Improves Unified Communications Service Quality and Consistency

Live network visibility and VoIP call quality analytics assures critical communications quality

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About the Customer

Maricopa Region 911:

  • Delivers calls for police, fire, and medical assistance from the Phoenix metro area, which includes the fifth largest city in the U.S.
  • 27 public safety answering point (PSAP) locations are connected by emergency services IP network
  • Handles over 2.4 million wireless calls each year (63% of the total annual 911 call volume for the state of Arizona)


Obtaining Adequate Insight into Network and Service Performance

Maricopa Region 911, providing potentially lifesaving technologies, including 911 call delivery, text-to-911, and advanced mapping to provide location intelligence using internet-based imagery, sought to reinforce their “zero tolerance” objective for poor caller experience. Call quality was critical to enable accurate data collection by dispatchers during emergency situations, with no room for choppy or garbled calls, or degraded application performance. Their continuous improvement of problem source identification and resolution was constrained by:

  • Limited insight from legacy tools to identify service degradation, optimize performance, and respond to issues
  • Multiple, disparate tools with limited integration capabilities resulting in suboptimal workflows


Live Visibility and Analytics to Assure Critical Communications Quality

Corvil’s real-time network analytics provided the operational intelligence required to support consistent end-to- end quality of service. The solution was deployed across multiple data centers and public safety call centers to deliver:

  • Live and retrospective quality metrics such as mean opinion scores, jitter, and packet loss by caller number, time of day, call volumes and other call record details
  • Visualizations of the full lifecycle of every call, which simplified problem diagnosis
  • Integration with external data sources to quickly correlate calls with their source
  • Call signaling and media capture for technical quality analysis
  • Proactive identification of common problem causes (e.g. improperly marked network traffic)

Through seamless integration afforded by Corvil VoIP Performance App for Splunk, Maricopa Region 911 maintained a single user interface with which team members were already familiar, and thereby:

  • Extended Corvil intelligence to the broader team
  • Eliminated process bottlenecks to shorten troubleshooting times
  • Minimized the learning curve for expanded adoption


Improved Efficiency and Unified Communications Service Quality and Consistency

Caller Experience
MTTR reduced to minutes
Number of proactively identified and resolved issues
Staff productivity

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