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As business grows, Pico partners with Corvil to manage expanding infrastructure.

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  • A growing infrastructure that was becoming more difficult to manage
  • Internal tools developed in-house to oversee the health of its network were inadequate

Why Corvil?

  • A monitoring platform to oversee the health of the network
  • Monitoring of latencies for high-speed trading firms as well as the overall capacity, bandwidth and utilization of the network


  • Real-time network monitoring and optimization, providing alerts about latencies and the necessary data to troubleshoot the problem
  • The ability to immediately notify customers about latency and order issues
  • Business intelligence on client trading platforms in which Corvil non-intrusively analyzes data packets and provides business and latency metrics

Pico Seeks A Solution To Ensure The Overall Health Of Its Network

Pico Trading is a technology services provider offering infrastructure management, technology hosting, market data, and market connectivity to over 170 clients including banks, broker-dealers, hedge funds, asset management firms, family offices, as well as other technology services providers.

Over the past several years Pico’s business had grown substantially. As a direct result its infrastructure had become more expansive across multiple data centers in North America and high speed interconnected networks, creating challenges for the company to manage the system. Initially, Pico developed internal tools to oversee the health of its network, but the growth of the system required much more sophisticated tools.

Pico selected Corvil because of its industry expertise and resilience in providing the leading network data analytics platform. Using Corvil, Pico knew it could optimize and safeguard the performance of their business processes and services as well as their IT systems to better serve its clients and drive incremental growth in the business.

“We chose Corvil as an important partner of ours to oversee the health of our network,” said Jarrod Yuster, CEO and Co-Founder of Pico Trading. “Not just the monitoring of latencies for high-speed trading firms, but to monitor the overall capacity, bandwidth and utilization of our network.”

Corvil Latency Monitoring Allows For Real-Time Alerts And Troubleshooting

Pico relies on Corvil daily as an integral part of its business, using the solution for real-time network monitoring and optimization. Corvil provides alerts about any type of latencies in the system along with the necessary data to troubleshoot the problem. In turn, Pico is able to immediately notify customers regarding latency and order issues, often providing more information than they currently have. In fact, Pico says clients have come to them because they have Corvil in its network, knowing its analytics are rock solid.

“We give customers customized views of their latencies and allow them to view them live,” said David Pagan, Senior Network Engineer for Pico. “There’s nothing else out there like it, which makes it a great product. We love it and our clients love it.”

“We offer our clients a service where, if they have an issue where they potentially see latency, they could go ahead and download the raw data themselves, but many of them want the GUI dashboard and graphs,” said Sonny Baillargeon, CTO of Pico Quantitative Trading. “The Corvil solution really caters to many different client needs and gives us a nice visibility and transparency to what’s happening not only at the network level, but at the business level as well.”

Pico has Corvil implemented in seven data centers in North America. As the company continues to leverage the solution for real-time and latency monitoring, it plans to expand its usage lobally to perform more data analysis, report generation, and overall health management of its network as well as providing more visibility to its clients.

About Pico Quantitative Trading

Pico is a financial technologies services firm and agency only broker dealer established under the business principals of providing distinguished products and services, delivering innovative and pragmatic technology solutions, and offering significant market structure and regulatory expertise. The company’s client base encompasses the full spectrum of market participants including proprietary trading groups, market makers, asset managers, banks, broker dealers, hedge fund, technology vendors and liquidity venues. Founded in 2009, Pico has grown to include over 35 employees in 2 offices and 14 datacenters in North America and Europe, providing solutions for every asset class.

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