RSJ Algorithmic Trading

RSJ deploys Corvil to Optimize IT Operational Performance for eTrading.


  • To analyze activity and performance within the company’s trading infrastructure and across external trading venues


  • Highly flexible and superior analytics.
  • Intuitive dashboards, excellent data presentation and live views.
  • Feature rich, satisfying the scalability requirements of the business
  • A dedicated Corvil team that appreciated the demands and timescale of RSJ’s business


  • Corvil records, decodes and analyzes the IT operational performance of market data feeds, trading sessions, algorithmic servers and network connections in real-time.
  • Complete and accurate records of all trading activity for compliance and troubleshooting.
  • Alerts generated for any anomalous conditions detected at the network or application layers.
  • A comprehensive view of operational performance allowing RSJ to focus on continuous improvement
  • Allows the performance of new technologies to be rigorously tested and benchmarked before deploying in production
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About the Customer

RSJ Algorithmic Trading

RSJ is a fully licensed securities trader, concentrating on asset management, financial derivatives and pursuing market making strategies to provide liquidity to the markets.


Greenwich Associates Research

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"Corvil’s application and network data analytics solution provides the logical next step in the maturation of RSJ’s trading process."
-- Michal Sanak, CIO, RSJ