Trading Solutions Provider Cuts Troubleshooting Time by 94%

Corvil’s analysis across dynamic infrastructure simplifies operations and optimization efforts

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About the Customer

Trading Solutions Provider:

  • Enables customers to automate and manage execution of customized trading strategies across multiple asset classes
  • Supports 350+ customized trading algorithms
  • Provides direct market access to 50+ market venues worldwide


Assuring Customer Experience Across a Diverse and Highly Customized Environment

The firm’s commitment to a flexible, customer-centric approach for optimal execution management drove a high degree of technology infrastructure customization. As customers connect to execute diverse trading strategies across a wide range of proprietary algorithms, market venues, brokers, and liquidity providers, consistently delivering end-to-end technology performance was a challenge. The firm was constrained by:

  • Lengthy timeframes to identify, diagnose, and address service issues
  • Limitations in obtaining and delivering precise forensic details to clients in a consumable manner
  • Inadequate network visibility across complex, changing systems to support efficient infrastructure operations and to prioritize optimization efforts
  • High effort required to adapt monitoring and analytics for unique customer requirements with existing rigid tools


End-to-End Network Performance Insight to Optimize Customer Experience

Corvil was deployed to analyze infrastructure performance across the vast number of connections between brokers, liquidity providers and clients, besting Netscout, which was unable to flexibly adapt to customer needs. Corvil provided:

  • Automated discovery and analysis of the firm’s dynamic environment
  • Insight into the sources of customer performance degradation or connectivity issues, that enabled fast,
    accurate responses to customer queries
  • Infrastructure performance and capacity insights to improve client experience and to improve architecture planning
  • Intuitive network capture, profiling, analysis, filtering, and search workflows that minimized manual analysis time and effort
  • Easy analytics upgrades to support precision transaction monitoring, individual order lifecycle tracking and performance profiling for every client


Improved Customer Experience with More Efficient Service Delivery

Customer satisfaction
Identification of performance improvement opportunities
Operations staff productivity
Time spent troubleshooting issues by 94%
Time spent on solution configuration

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