Top Carrier Partners with Corvil to Deliver World-class Market Data Distribution Network

Analytics from Corvil provides insight for capacity planning, performance optimization, and reporting to customers.


Growing Customer Demands for Next Generation Performance, Reliability, and Transparency

  • Identification and management of microburst and other hard-to-detect conditions
  • Validation of payload completeness and timeliness despite high volatility
  • Service quality and status transparency to customers
  • Extended timeframes to identify, diagnose, triage, and resolve degradation across fragmented tools


Global Network Microvisibility and Market Data Quality Monitoring

  • Real-time analysis of market data flows provided with zero performance impact on the firm’s high-performance connectivity infrastructure
  • Insight into market data quality across all incoming and outgoing third-party feeds, even during highly dynamic market conditions
  • Uniquely granular intelligence to assure adequate technology capacity as message rates and volumes test platform or infrastructure limitations
  • Workflows to accelerate identification, isolation, and resolution of network and market data quality degradation
  • Customer-specific intelligence delivered through seamless integration with Splunk-based customer service portal
  • Corvil’s agile delivery of updated analytics ensured consistently high-quality operational intelligence, even through exchange or regulatory-driven changes to market data protocols


Network with Leading Performance and Service Assurance

Alignment of customer goals with service operations
Mean time to respond to customer inquiries
Mean time to identify and resolve issues
Customer’s operational risk from service quality degradation

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About the Customer

Communications Provider

Delivers managed network solutions to global enterprise customers.

Top 5 provider in terms of lines carried

Provides services to 10 of 17 Fortune’s top financial data services firms


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