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How to Detect Your Most Worrisome Cyber Attackers

Cyber-attackers circumvent modern security controls and compromise high-value assets with alarming ease. It is exactly those blind spots that security teams don’t have visibility into that attackers will exploit.

Threat Intelligence is now established as a critical asset for security teams, providing understanding of which attackers to worry most about, and what indicators to look for to detect their presence. The challenge is how can such intelligence be operationalized?

Through out of the box integration with Corvil's real-time Network Data Analytics, iSIGHT Threat Intelligence can now be activated across the entire range of a company’s internal and external network data flows, to ensuring even the most evasive attackers have nowhere to hide and ultimately, business risk can be minimized.

Learn from our experts, how you can take advantage of the combined power of Threat Intelligence and real-time Network Data analytics.

Mike Jawetz - Sr. Solutions Architect, iSIGHT Partners
Graham Ahearne - Director, Product Management, Security Analytics

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