On-Demand Webinar

Managing the Health and Performance of IT Systems in Financial Services

For operators of complex financial IT environments, minimizing latency and ensuring “always on” performance are mandatory for maintaining relevance in a highly competitive industry. Identifying and reconciling issues across multiple systems and geographies can be a considerable challenge, especially since performance is measured in fractions of a second.

Watch VSS Monitoring and Corvil discover how to source and make sense of the raw IT data streaming through the network. Maximizing the information available within streaming network data can enable a panoramic view of customers and business & IT infrastructure interacting together in real-time without disturbing the systems and applications under analysis.

Topics include:

  • Leveraging network packet brokers (NPBs) to provide a comprehensive, real-time network visibility plane for all monitoring and security tools.
  • Applying nanosecond resolution time stamping, hardware-based filtering and line-rate packet manipulation to strategically optimize network and application performance analysis, as well as security and risk mitigation functions.
  • Using streaming IT data to discover, classify and analyze network and application behavior within complex financial environments.
  • Deriving real-time financial intelligence from streaming IT data

Gordon Beith - Director, Product Management, VSS Monitoring
James Wylie - Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Corvil

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