On-Demand Webinar

Monitoring in a Virtualized Data Center

Over 70 percent of data centers are attacked each year. At the same time, up to 80 percent of the inter-VM ("east-west") traffic in a virtualized data center never reaches the physical network, where it can be monitored. This means that a substantial part of your data center is hidden from you in a "blind spot," but could be visible and vulnerable to attackers. This webinar "Monitoring in a Virtualized Data Center" shows you how to gain the visibility to protect yourself while optimizing network performance.

Topics include:

  • Where the blind spots are in your virtualized environment
  • How to implement a Visibility Architecture to overcome the blind spots
  • Which tools are available to give you the visibility you need
  • Bonus: All webinar registrants will receive a free download of Ixia’s new white paper, “Illuminating Data Center Blind Spots” This white paper discusses available strategies to ensure full visibility and gain the substantial efficiencies of x86 computer systems.

Ken Jinks - Product Management, Corvil
David Pham - Senior Technical Marketing Engineer, Ixia

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